Up to the Sky, Mighty Guy!
Thursday, January 20, 2005
Midnight in Paragon, and the scum of the earth feel safe in their schemes. A nervously held flashlight flickers its beam low across the widowpane of the local pawnshop. Two thugs, fairly sure of themselves start their attempt at plunder...when off in the distance, the sky rolls with an ancient thunder...and the air fills with the anticipation of action yet to come...

Without knowing why, both men glance fearfully around in the darkness...the off-golden beam of light coming to stop on a figure suddenly standing forthrightly in the darkness. Foremost in the light is the emblem on his chest...a Crimson letter "M" outlined in gold...the symbol of Goodness and Protection in Paragon.

A few solid *smacks*, and both felons are laid low, dropped off at the local police station...and the One Man Army Against Evil is off again to take on the forces of Corruption and Nastiness!

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